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Bear Hunting

Bear hunting at Holt Lake Lodge

Pictured above, Randy Kolhia's 2014 Black Bear, he thinks this is his 6th bear from Holt Lake Lodge, (we think it is his 7th - LOL) - Hunting was started in the spring of 1998 and since then we have had a near perfect success rate on large bears. 1st Lower Picture - Kim with Courtney Herzog and his beast of a bear, 7 foot 6 inches skull measures 20 and 5/8" taken the 2nd week of June 2014. Next is Logan MacDonald's Beautiful Color Phase measured just over 6 feet, taken June 2014. Bottom is Andrew Corsaro's 2016 Bear.


Bear References:

Randy Kolhia, Billings, MT.

Steve Brett, (Game Trails Taxidermy) Florence, MT.
406.239.5406 gametrailstaxidermy@yahoo.com

Courtney Herzog, Rapelje, MT.
406.780.1449 mtranchequipment@hotmail.com

Jeff Mcdonald, Billings, MT.
406.647.8356 montanarawhide@hotmail.com

We have a good population of color phase black bears. All are black bears but colors range from blonde to brown, cinnamon and black.

You are welcome to use a bow or rifle. We have both tree stands and blinds to use for bear hunting. We use cameras at our baits which provide the time, size and color of each bear coming to the bait.

Our season is spring bear hunting and runs from approximately May 30th to June 20th.

A guide is supplied to help you with your hunting experience and when you are not hunting you can be fishing for Northern Pike or Lake Trout.

ALL HUNTERS MUST HAVE A SASKATCHEWAN HAL ID. Refer to Sask Hunting Regulations for more information.

Guns and Regulations:

The Canadian Federal Government requires non-resident hunters to purchase a permit to bring firearms into Canada. The permit costs $25.00 CDN. You can put three firearms on one permit. It is recommended to fill out the permit form in advance by downloading (PDF) it from the Canadian Firearms Centre at CAFC Form 909 PDF Printable or by calling 1-800-731-4000.

Canada Customs can be reached at 1-204-983-3500.

We would love to have you as a guest so give us a call for available dates and prices.

Bear hunting at Holt Lake Lodge

Bear hunting at Holt Lake Lodge

Bear hunting at Holt Lake Lodge

Bear hunting at Holt Lake Lodge

Bear Hunting